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 Image result for school day pictures clip artSchool Picture Day

October 28th

Proofs for ordering will be available at the school November 4th

Orders can be placed with Holland Studios or
at the Olive Branch High School




The 2017Conquistador Yearbook

NOW on sale through March 4th

Reserve your's now before they runout for $20 balance due when books are delivered.
$65 for Seniors, $70 for 9th-11th graders

See Mrs. Shackelford in A22 during break or 3rd block.

Price will increase after Fall Break


Past OBHS Yearbooks


Looking for one of your old high school yearbooks?!? I have a collection of yearbooks from as far back as 1969 through 2014 (unfortunately I don’t have every year L).

The yearbook staff at OBHS is selling these books for $10 each, so if you’re missing one, forgot to buy one that year, or have lost one, then check out the list and see if we have it!! 

I have very limited quantities of some years, so don’t wait and miss out again!!


1969—1                                           1970—1 

1973—6                                          1977—7

1982—1                                           1984—11

1986—3                                          1987—5

1992—4                                          1993—2

1994—4                                           1995—10

1996—3                                           1997—16

          1998—7                                  1999—39

2000—2                                           2001—12

2002—81                                          2003—28

2004—38                                         2005—55

2006—7                                           2007—48

2008—104                                        2009—3 

2010—102                                      2011—1 

2013—12                                        2014—2


Contact Mandy Shackelford, yearbook advisor, for more information.