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Hello! I will be your student's teacher for Intro. to Biology & Biology.  I have taught 18 total years and previously nine years spent with Memphis City Schools.  My goal is to help your student engage in learning and think for themselves through meaningful science activities.  My heart has always been in teaching. Therefore, I strive to be patient, kind and always encouraging!  Your student is my priority ~ every day!  If there is ever a time you need to contact me, feel free. Thank you in advance for your support! 

Biology is geared around many activities and labs.  The total lab fee is $25 for the year.  This includes $10 for hands-on lab supplies plus a $15 workbook fee to purchase SATP review books.  All fees were due in Sept.

Attention!  Reminder.......Current Events are due EACH Thursday!!!  Your summary must be written and a copy of the article (internet, magazine or newspaper) must be ready to be attached and turned in at the BEGINNING of class.  No Late Work!

I look forward to a rewarding year for everyone!  Mrs. Rawson