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Vicki  Sullivan
Business Fundamentals, Marketing, Business & Career & Technical Department Chairperson, DECA
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Instructor:          Vicki Sullivan

Office:                 OliveBranchHigh School

Phone:                 662-893-3344 ext. 394


Lesson Plan Calendar



Marketing and Economics

      Year 1 – Business Fundamentals

      Year 2 – Marketing



Marketing and Economics programs provide instruction in business and marketing skills. Courses in the program provide a foundation of skills and knowledge related to basic principles of business and marketing fundamentals, management, merchandising, communications and career development, human relations, ethics, and etiquette. Instruction is also provided on specialized topics related to fashion, international marketing, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, financial marketing/stock market, sports, and special events and entertainment marketing.

Marketing and Economics is a 2 year program that is available for students in the 10th through 12th grades. Students that complete the course objectives set by the Mississippi State Department of Education will receive 2 credits per year.


C or higher in English (previous year)

C or higher in Math (previous year)

Applied Academic Credit

Upon completion of Marketing and Economics, students will earn ½ Applied Economics


$45 DECA membership


The course material will be presented through a series of lectures, demonstrations and projects. All assignments require reading, listening, viewing demonstrations and practical performance in the classroom.


The following is a list of the units that will be covered in this course. This will be followed as closely as possible. Please keep in mind changes will have to be made from time to time.



Unit Title
1 Intro to Business 
2 Communications & Customer Relations
3 Professional Development
4 Economics
5 Personal Finance
6 Business Managment & Administration
7 Business Law











Unit Title
8 Intro to Marketing
9 Marketing Information Management
10 Market Planning
11 Product/Service Management
12 Pricing
13 Promotion
14 Selling
15 Distribution
16 Financing
17 Sports & Entertainment Marketing 


CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT (also see Marketing and Economics classroom rules page)

Classroom rules are as follows:

1.      All students are expected to behave, be honest, and be respectful of the rights of others, as well as respectful of DeSoto County property and equipment.

2.      No cell phones, pagers or other electronic devices that do not belong to the school are to be out or used at any time. They will be confiscated if used even if hidden from direct view.

3.      No hats or head covering unless documented medically required due to loss of hair.

4.      On the “Restroom Sign Out Sheet” students must sign out and back in to the restroom after receiving permission from the teacher. Only one student may be out at a time.

5.      All students will abide by all rules posted in handbook.

6.      Dress code is covered in the Handbook and will be covered and Followed Closely. There is no excuse for not following this policy!!!