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Welcome to Olive Branch High School

Biology 1 

Healthcare Research Science

Marine & Aquatic Science


Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful break. Once we are in a routine, Fridays will be our test days. Every Chapter will have notes and vocab. Class fees (Biology $20 / Marine $10) should be paid by Jan 19, 2018 . All Biology students also have a workbook fee for the state test, which is included in the $20 class fee above.


In my class, every student is required to use their student agenda or planner and keep up with their weekly assignments. Parents can use this to check on due dates and assignments.


In the past I taught Physical Science, Intro to Biology, Zoology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, Earth & Space, and Botany. I love science and especially biology! I know we will have a fun and exciting year and I look forward to learning with you!

**For extra credit: bring class supplies

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