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Mrs. Parnell`s Talking Points 


 SPRING 2018 T4

The following students will be taking the exam. Again, if your name is listed below, you ARE NOT exempt. This list could expand if any of those not listed are absent 5/18. Email me if you have any questions.

***study guide 

Landon. Howard
Ronnie Soldano
Brian Young
Hadiyah Young

Dakota Box
Eli Burke
Nara Gill
Nate Martin
Madison Payne
Bri Rodgers
Kaniah Taylor
Lexi Townsend




**** Review the calendar for important test dates and final information******

Parents and Students:

Block schedule allows for half the subjects at twice the speed of a traditional schedule.  This means you miss a great deal of instruction and notes each day you are absent.  The electives I teach are not extremely hard, but they do require you to reflect on your notes EVERY day so you are not lost and discouraged the night before and day of a test.  There is an incredible amount of information to absorb, especially in the first chapters of both psychology and sociology.  Feel free to ask questions and request clarification of the assignments and concepts presented in class.  You are required to be an active listener, note taker, and learner for success in my classes.  I promise, the rigor levels out and the topics get really interesting!  Active listening and note taking are essential for success in my class.  The most important considerations include a willingness to learn and a mutual respect for those who share thoughts and ideas during discussions.  Be sure to check the calendar on the board in my classroom for updates and scheduled quizzes and tests.  The abstract Powerpoints are on my website, but success in this subject will come to those who take detailed notes in class, practice active listening, and review notes each night.

Please take a moment to sign up for Remind.  Simply text 417-717-0544  or 81010 and indicate which class you have in the message:
world geography: @iwgbp
psychology: @psybp
sociology: @socbp
ap psychology: @apsybp


A three-ring binder, one tab divider, notebook paper,  and a pen or pencil are required for class every day. One extra quiz grade is available for those who bring a box of facial tissue up to two times this semester.   

Brandy Parnell
662-893-3344 ext 345


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