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Ms.  Christina  Magnifico  Berkowitz
English Teacher/Coach
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Christina Magnifico-Berkowitz English III

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Welcome to American Literature. Your student will have a calander for the current month in his or her given folder. As the year goes we will cover Native American Myths, Puritan Early American Literature, Romanticism, Trancendentalism, Roaring Twenties, and ending with Modern American Literature. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at


Due to #NewyearsBREAK we are a little behind here is an update on what is going on in class


Monday: Open Book POP TEST- This test is one the myths we discussed and went over before our interruption as well as gives the students a cold read on an introduction to puritans and their journey over to America.

Tuesday: Intro to Puritans and Salem Witch Trials

Wednesday: Begin Arthur Miller background and connection to Witch Trials/ McCarthyism

Thursday: Begin the Play The Crucible


We will then discuss analyze and work with this story for the next three weeks. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. All work students miss will be located in the makeup tray and it will be their responsiblity to get it turned back in and get caught up in the play.