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College and Career Planning

College Planning Resource partners with to provide students with direct connections to schools and programs suiting their educational goals.  These college planning resources have been featured by New York State, UCLA, and others with a vested interest in quality higher education.

When should I begin thinking about college or technical school?

  • Preparing for college begins NOW. Several universities, colleges and technical schools offer Preview Days for high school sophomores and juniors. Email or call the admissions offices of the colleges or technical schools you are interested in so they can invite you to these and other events.
  • Make a list of several factors that are important to you - what kind of college do you think will be the right fit for you? (student body size, average class size, types of degree programs offered, location, cost, etc.)
  • Consider using part of your Spring Break and summer vacation to visit college campuses. Contact their admissions offices to schedule your visits so that you can make the most of your time. Treat your campus visits as a time to make your best first impression and to get acquainted with administrators and educators who may be an important part of your daily life for the next several years. After your visit, write a thank-you note, letting the admissions staff and others know how much you enjoyed your visit. Remember, colleges receive thousands of applications and you want to make yours stand out from the crowd.
  • If you have not already done so, begin a list of your activities, accomplishments and interests for the past several years. Create a rough draft of your resume, which can be adapted for scholarship, admissions and employment applications.
  • Write a rough draft essay about your career and study interests, hopes and dreams. This will be revised and adapted for your scholarship and admission applications.
  • Begin submitting college admissions applications in August of your senior year. Some colleges will accept applications beginning in July. Stay ahead of deadlines set by each college/technical school.


How do I send my high school transcript to a college or technical school?

After submitting or mailing your admissions application(s), notify the OBHS Guidance Office so we can send your official high school transcript. You will be given a Transcript Request Form which you should complete and return with your signature, your parent's signature, and the date submitted. Transcripts generally are mailed within 1-3 days after the Request Form is returned to the Guidance Office.  Make sure to print the name and address of each college admissions office accurately and legibly so that your transcripts can be sent quickly and successfully. This information can usually be found on the college website or by calling the college admissions office.


What if I need student housing while in college?

If you plan to live on campus while in college, you should submit a student housing application a.s.a.p. after you have already applied for admission to that school. Campus housing spots typically fill up quickly. Housing applications usually require a fee, and waivers are generally not available for housing application fees. However, if you later learn that you will not need housing on their campus, most colleges will refund part or all of your housing application fee if you notify them prior to their deadline. Check with Student Housing offices for their specific policies.  Note: Some colleges require that all freshmen reside on campus. Be certain that you allow for the cost of housing and meal plans (room and board) if you plan to attend such a college.


NCAA Information

Athletes must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse if you are planning to play a sport in college. Visit for more information. The fee to register is $70; fee waivers may be available in some circumstances. Students should have their ACT scores sent directly to the Eligibility Center, using the code 9999. Contact Mrs. Dye, lead counselor, for additional information if you plan to play a sport at ANY college.