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Courses Taught:

Biology I, Marine & Aquatic Science I & II, ACT/SAT Prep I, Zoology I & II and Biomedical Research

Mrs Amanda Lee

Once we are in a routine, Fridays will be our test days. Every Chapter will have notes and vocab. Class fees ($5) should be paid by the third week of class . All Biology students also have a workbook fee for the state test, which is an additional $15.

In my class, every student is required to use their student agenda or planner and keep up with their weekly assignments. Parents can use this to check on due dates and assignments.

In the past I taught Physical Science, Intro to Biology, Zoology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, Earth & Space, and Botany. I love science and especially biology! I know we will have a fun and exciting year and I look forward to learning with you!

**For extra credit: bring class supplies

Contact me using the link on this page.

Weekly Assignments  

Monday - Class notes and lecture on Chapter. Vocabulary Review & flash cards.
Tuesday - Finish class notes. Complete 2 class rotations/assignments.
Wednesday- Vocab quiz #1. Complete 2 class rotations/assignments.
Thursday - Vocab quiz #2.  Complete 2 class rotations/assignments.
Friday - Chapter Test and Real Life Connection Article.

**Some weeks may have vocab quiz on Tuesday if time is short Wednesday or Thursday.

**Short weeks will be adjusted but the first day of the week will be class notes and the last day of the week will be the Chapter Test.

Students recieved a weekly schedule of Chapters we will cover the first week of class.

All students are required to use their school planner to keep up with due dates and assignments. Parents can check the planner if needed.

Course Descriptions

Biology is a required course to graduate. In December and May all of the Biology students will take the Biology State Test. Passing this state test is also required to graduate. This test is factual material that we will be covering this semester. I will teach them what they need to know for the test and prepare them to take the test, but they have to be active participants in the process.

Marine and Aquatic I & II introduce students to the marine world and covers both oceans and ocean life. 9week 1/2 credit

Zoology I & II teaches students about the animal kingdom and includes invertebrates and vertebrate animals. 9 week 1/2 credit

Biomedical Research introduces students to the world of healthcare and the medical field. This class is student lead and teacher facilitated. 1 semester 1 credit

ACT / SAT Prep class prepares students for college entrance exams. I teach the science portion of these tests while co-teachers teach their fields. 9week 1/2 credit

Botany allows students to spend 9weeks in class and the greenhouse learning about plants. 1/2 credit

Environmental Science teaches students to take ownership of the planet and how all living organisms interact. 9week 1/2 credit

Materials and Supplies

  • science fee
  • 2-inch Binder; Planner
  • *1st block -  Kleenex
  • *2nd block –  Kleenex
  • *3rd block – GermX

We will also accept donations of any of the following:
Colored pencils, Glue sticks, Colored printer paper, Cardstock

No cell phones or iPods in class; if I see it I will take it.
Do not interrupt when I am teaching or a classmate is speaking; be courteous & respectful of others.
Be prepared for class this includes regular class attendance, be on time, and have class supplies.
Assume responsibility for your actions; if you don’t have your homework you will not get credit.
Stay in your seat and/or group unless told otherwise.

Make up Work
If you miss a class it is your responsibility to make up your assignments. I will not come to you and give you your missed work. There is a station in class to get missed assignments. All make up work done without an excused absence will be worth 70%. You have one make-up day per absent day or a grade of zero (0) will be recorded. Assignments may be made up before school (7:00) or during break. Make up work is YOUR responsibility.

      Homework/Classwork       15%
      Tests*                                40%
      Quizzes/Labs                    25%
      Nine Weeks Test               20%

I post grades regularly; you will be able to access them through Parent Partial online. This requires a password that you may obtain from the front office.

**If EXTRA CREDIT is given it will be an all or none assignment. Partial credit will not be given**

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