Carl Long
Chemistry I, Physical Science


My lessons will be using Khan Academy to deliver most of the material to you. You will need to create your own account if you don't already have one. Please ignore the material under lessons at the bottom right on this page. My school document camera did not record audio properly so when I get that solved I will make many shorter videos with handouts for you. Until then we will be at Khan Academy. Use the join link at the bottom. Also, check the site every other day for assignments.

The best way to contact me is with the contact link above which will go to my school email.

Students - a word about Khan Academy. I can see how much time you spend on each segment, video, or quiz. If the video is 6 min or 13 minutes please remember you can pause, rewind, or stop and think and predict or work something out. This is your learning. However, I can see when you spend 1 or 2 minutes on a 6 or 8 minute video. Your assignment is the entire segment assigned. No more, no less. Don't short-change yourself.

I will have a more challenging website to assign you called Quest Learning. It will be coming soon!


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Khan Academy Feedback is in for the first 4 assignments that were due on Fri 3/27. The following students get a thumbs up in no particular order:

Gavin A, Sidny, Sara, McKinley, Jada, Yunekia, Jared, Aiden, Raelyn, Octavia, Ely, Dez, RJ, Thai, Melanie, Isaiah, Isa, Daniel, Abrianna, Jordan, Derrika, Gavin T, Kendall, Olivia, Cameron. 

Thru 3/31 Octavia Martin is doing a great job!





Welcome back. Let's learn some chemistry!
About the Teacher:


 University of Memphis – Master of Science

            Major: Leadership and Policy Studies

            Major Concentration: School Administration and Supervision

University of Memphis – Master of Arts in Teaching

            Major: Instruction and Curriculum Leadership

            Major Concentration: Secondary Education

University of Memphis – Bachelor of Science

            Majors: Biology & Chemistry

            Concentration in Biology: Vertebrate Zoology

I have been teaching chemistry and biology for almost 3 decades in Memphis and now I am teaching at Olive Branch.  I taught at Hamilton High School, Treadwell High, East High School where I also taught AP Chemistry, and 2 other schools where I had taught AP Biology. I retired in 2019 and the next day a chemistry teaching opportunity opened up at OBHS and I found myself teaching the best chemistry students ever!

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