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Carmen Usery

Physical Science, Human A & P, Principles of Biology

662-893-3344 ext. 354 voicemail
Carmen Usery


Welcome to Accelerated Physical Science and Human Anatomy and Physiology.  Each of these classes has a lab fee to be determined at a later date. .  Both courses are lab-based and the activities are 25% of the class grade.  

My Daily Schedule: Fall 2020
1st Block - Accelerated Physical Science
2nd Block - Accelerated Physical Science
3rd Block - Human Anatomy and Physiology/VIP
4th Block - Planning Period

My Daily Schedule: Spring 2021
1st Block - Human Anatomy and Physiology/VIP
2nd Block - Human Anatomy and Physiology/VIP
3rd Block - Accelerated Physical Science/VIP
4th Block - Planning Period

Supply List 

(1) Textbook issued from the library

(2) Great set of coloring pencils (at least 24 count)

(3) Three-ring binder

(4) Pen or Pencil

(5) Highlighters

(6) Index cards are recommended for Human Anatomy

(7) Personal hand sanitizer encouraged

(8) 1st Block PS- Box of tissue 2nd Block PS - 2 rolls of paper towels

     3rd Block HumanAP - Box of tissue


About the Teacher

 I am a 1989 graduate of Tupelo High School.  It's ironic that I'm a teacher because I really didn't enjoy school when I was a student.  However, I had fabulous teachers that inspired me to continue the example they set before me.  I love the interaction I have with students and the opportunity to be an influence in their lives.

After high school, I attended Mississippi University for Women.  I graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology.

I then attended the University of Mississippi to complete coursework in education/teacher certification and received my teaching license in 1997.  I recently completed course work through Arkansas State University to become endorsed in AP Biology. I do prefer college football over NFL.  The W didn't have a football team so I'm a Rebel fan.  My family and I are very enthusiastic St. Louis Cardinals fans too!

My teaching career began in 1998 at Starkville Academy in Starkville, MS

In August of 2000, a wonderful opportunity was given to me to teach at Olive Branch High School.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my 20 years at OBHS.  One joy of teaching in this community is the chance to teach brothers and sisters and make the connection to entire families. It's hard to believe this is the 23rd year in my teaching career. Subjects I have taught include: 8th grade Earth Science, ACT Prep, Biology I, Zoology, Physical Science, Botany, AP Biology and Human Anatomy & Physiology.

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Weekly Lessons

Please check for daily and weekly topics or lessons that will be posted in Schoology. 


Class Documents

Suggested Websites and Videos

Accelerated Physical Science


Human Anatomy and Physiology