Welcome to Our Class!

MCJROTC Class Schedule!

Monday - Academic Classes and Drill

Tuesday - Academic Classes and Drill

Wednesday - Quiz & Physical Training (PT)

Thursday - Unform Inspection & Drill/Admin**

Friday - PT





About the Teacher

* Graduated from Columbia College with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Finance.

* 22 years of Active Duty Service as an enlisted Marine.
* Drill Instructor from 2016-2019
* Children: Jack, Margaret, Alexander
 * Wife: Nicole 

Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1999, and served as a Electronic Maintenance Technician throughout my career.  Served as a Canvasing Recruiter for RS Kansas City from 2006-2009 and as a Drill Instructor from 2016-2019 aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, California.  Retired from active duty in 2021 from Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, Georgia.  

Other Class Info

Grading and absences  
PT (Wed/Fri)
- PT grades cannot be made up.
- If a Cadet is absent on a PT day, he/she is exempt from that grade and it will not count towards their GPA.
- Cadets who do not dress/participate on a PT day will receive a ZERO for that event unless they have a doctor/parent note.

Uniform Inspections (Thurs)
- Cadets who are absent during a Uniform Inspection will have until the following Wednesday to re-inspect.
- Cadets who do not wear their uniform on a scheduled uniform inspection day will receive a ZERO for that event.
- Male Cadets must be within grooming standards for all uniform inspections. 
- Cadets who need haircuts during a uniform inspection will receive a 25pt deduction for that grade in addition to any other discrepancies. 
- Cadets who refuse to comply with established grooming standards for MCJROTC will be recommended for dis-enrollment.