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Foundations of Biology

Welcome & Announcements

Students, I will be using YouTube, scientific articles, and a mixture of interesting at home labs that you can perform on your own with minimal supplies during this time. 


1. Go to
2. Click Office365
3. Click sign in.
4. Their logins will be their first initial last initial last 6 digits of their MSIS(lunch number)
5. If they have forgotten their password, simply click Forgot Password, then follow the steps to reset.
6. If they have not forgotten their passwords, then simple log in.

I do hope this is beneficial to all.

About the Teacher
I have been a Science teacher in Desoto County for three years now. This is my first year at OBHS. 
Remind Feed

You will find all of my assignments weekly in the lower right hand corner of my page. The first week, we are going to review lab safety and microscope. 

Students, if you do not have access to internet, packets are available for pickup at Chickasaw Elementary on Thursday 10-12 in the Grab-n-go lunch line. Students will need to state which Math and English class they are enrolled in. 

Week 3 and 4 4/6/20-4/10

Week 4 Assignments

1) Please watch the following video on Homozygous and Heterozygous characteristics. This will help to explain how you ended up with the characteristics (phenotype) that you have!

2) Please complete the following Punnett square practice worksheet.