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US History, World History, Economic, and US Government

Connie Lambert

I hope you are still following the guidelines of the CDC!!  I know you are wishing for 1st time in your life you were back in school!!  It is odd.  Feels weird to me too.  I miss you guys, but I want you to be safe, and maybe if everyone does what we are required to do, it will end sooner!!!

Until we meet again...

3rd Block US History- (March 30-April 3)We are going to do something a little different this week.  With all the time on your hands, I want you to expand the type of movies you watch.  I want you to find a WWII movie and watch it.  If you chose a rated R movie, MAKE SURE IT IS OK TO WATCH IT FROM YOUR PARENTS!!!!  There are plenty of PG rated ones, so you should be fine.  Movies on Holocaust will fine as well (Boy with Striped Pajamas, Schindler's List) Just Google Top WWII movies....Pick one and Watch.  Write a short synopsis of movie, tell me if you enjoyed it-and why or why not!  Sometimes movies are the best way to really see what things were like back in the day!!!


1st and 2nd Government  (March 30-April 3)

In government, we learn about the running of government, but also also the 1st 10 amendments.  In the Bill of Rights, there are the rights of the accused.  So this week, I want you to listen to a podcast.  Put on your earphones, and just listen to the story.  I have selected a series that is about 40 minutes each-5 parts.   Free to listen- Beautiful Victim or Killer Wife? Mystery and Murder by Dr. Phil. 

Write paragraph-give brief synopsis, and your thoughts - would you ever take a plea deal if your were not guilty?  Did you think it was right to use her confession at police station in court? Etc. Also let me know if you enjoyed it, and if you would be interested in having another podcast for assignment!!!

Have fun!!!  Hope you like it!!! 

All new assignments will be in the REMIND FEED!!



About the Teacher

I attended Delta State University and graduated University of North Alabama in Secondary Education with concentration in Social Studies. 
I have 27 years of experience!!!!

I've been teaching for 27 years.  I teach U.S. Government and US History. I went to Delta State University and graduated from the University of North Alabama.  This year I hope to push my students to strive for better state test scores.


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