Courtney Kahl
Geometry, Asst. Coach

Courses Taught:

Geometry, ACT/SAT Prep I

Courtney Kahl
Welcome to Mrs. Kahl's Class!
About the Teacher

Hi Everyone! My name is Courtney Kahl, formally known as Courtney Case. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and moved to Mississippi in 2018. I am recently married and have a cat named Felix.  I received my high school diploma in 2011 from Hoffman Estates High School. After high school I went to the U.S. Navy and graduated bootcamp with honors. After my time in the Navy, I wanted to pursue my dreams of becoming a teacher. I have always been passionate about education and create a positive impact on student learners. So in 2017, I became an Alumni of Southern Illinois University Carbondale where I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Education. 

With being a new resident of Desoto County and member Olive Branch High School, I have never felt more welcomed and at home. I am looking forward to year two at Olive Branch High School and getting the opportunity to teach geometry once again. Not only am I teaching this year, but I am also asst. Softball coach! OBHS has presented me with many opportunities and provided guidance by giving me the tools needed to make my classroom successful. My goal for this year is to create a positive learning environment allowing students to succeed and challenge themselves. To motivate the students to set goals and work hard at everything they do. With that, let's bring on the 2019-2020 school year!

OB Pride, All The Time

Supply List
  • $5.00 Math Fee due on August 30th
  • Supply List 
  • At least a 1-inch binder with dividers 
  • Composition Notebook 
  • Scissors Colored Pencils Markers
Wish List

  • Colored Copy Paper, no construction paper please 
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Kleenex 
  • Scotch Tape
  • Glue Sticks
Other Class Information


1.    #Follow: all my directions and school rules
2.    #BeatTheBell: show up on time
3.    #PositiveAttitudes: willing to work with everyone
4.    #Goals: make learning a priority and challenge yourself
5.    #Respect: Show it to yourself, classmates, and teachers
6.    #GetInvolved: Class participation is required
7.    #NotYourMaid: Clean up after yourself 
8.    #NoExcuses: Take responsibility for your actions.


I have remind set up for my two classes this year. I send out reminders for tests, assignments, when I will not be present at class, etc. This is my main source of communication with the students outside of the classroom. Parents/Guardians are more than welcome to join as well. If there is ever a question about an assignment or anything you are unsure about, I can be reached through there as well as email.
- If your child is in 1st block, text @1gs20 to 81010, to join
- If your child is in 2nd block, text @2gs20 to 81010, to join


Welcome Letter from First Day  
Welcome to Geometry in B11

What you will need:   1” binder, Composition Notebook, Binder Dividers

Geometry Binder:
You will need to have a 1-inch binder for this class. Sections should be divided by chapters as well as homework and bell ringers. We will be covering 10 chapters this semester, 5 the first 9 weeks and 5 more the second 9 weeks. Having all the of your work organized will help ensure your success in this class.

Day Starts:
Bell Rings: You should be seated in your desk and begin on the bell ringer. My door will be shut once the bell rings which means, if you are late, you will not enter my classroom unless you have a tardy slip. If you are not in your seat, you will be marked tardy.

Bell Ringer:
There will always be math problems located on the front board of the classroom as soon as you enter the room. You are to take out your bell ringer worksheet and complete the math problems at your desk (showing work) once you enter the room. Bell ringers are not “all class period” problems. You will be given 10 minutes tops to complete them. Bell ringer worksheets needs to be placed in you’re the front of your Geometry Binder. This will be taken as a grade once a week.

Interactive Notebooks:
You will need a composition notebook to create your interactive notebook. This is a mandatory item you need to bring every day with you to class. This will help you keep up with everything we have learned. We will put notes, vocabulary, example problems, quick tips, etc. in these throughout the year. All tests are cumulative, so this tool will be extremely helpful and is designed for your success in this class. Consider this notebook your lifeline. During each 9 weeks, there will be a notebook checks for a grade to ensure you are participating and have the resources for your own success in this class.

Reading will also have a role in this classroom. Literacy is an important part in all subjects, including MATH. Every state and/or standardized test you take for the rest of your life will include literacy. Sometimes I will have you answer questions in written format and sometimes you will have math problem related to the article focusing on a particular skill. We will do a small reading activity every week.

Homework is an essential part in this class and will be assigned every day. You will be given a calendar outlining what we will be covering that month as well as a blank homework spot. This will ensure you have a rough outline of what we will be covering this month. You will also be able to write down the homework everyday on this calendar.

This calendar is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep up with and not lose. You are to complete your homework on your own time, not on my time unless told to or given permission. I will check your homework every day and give your calendar a stamp or star at the beginning of class. If you did not complete the assignment I will have an incomplete sheet I will give you along with your calendar. You will need to write down why you did not complete the assignment and the date the homework was assigned. I will be collecting the calendar and ‘incomplete’ sheet at the end of every month.

We will be looking at many ACT questions this semester as well as taking a pretest and posttest. The ACT is an important part of your education, therefore, the only way to get better is by practicing. Many of these problems will align with geometry that we are covering in class to help better prepare you for the real ACT. We will also look at other math subject areas that appear on the test every so often as well.

We will be taking a quiz once a week. Sometimes this quiz will be geometry that we have been focusing on that week, geometry that we have previously covered, ACT questions, or even homework problems. I will occasionally do a flip for a quiz giving the students a heads up at the beginning of the week. How this works is, before class starts, you as a class will decide heads or tails on the coin. If you win, you do not need to take the quiz. If I win, you will. No, I am not trying to trick you. These quizzes will be short (most likely 3-5 questions) and will be questions on what we have just covered in class the previous day or off the homework. As long as you pay attention in class and do the homework that is assigned, then you will be prepared!

You are given two bathroom passes the first nine weeks and two the second nine weeks. For the passes that are not used by the end of the 9 weeks, they will be put in as extra credit for an assignment. If you end up using the pass, then it will not be used as extra credit. Make sure you hold on to them and DO NOT lose them for they will not be replaced.
You are to only use the bathroom pass in case of an emergency. Emergencies do not happen every day or even once a week. In case there is an emergency, you must put your thumb in the air and wait for be to give you the thumbs up. Then you may QUIETLY hand me your homework pass or place it on my desk. Take your planner. You have exactly 8 minutes to return from bathroom visits! Upon your return, please return QUIETLY return to your seat.

Make-up Work:
If you miss X amount of days, you will have X amount of days to make it up. There will be folders on the wall that are labeled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On the days you’re absent, it is your responsibility to collect your work from the proper folders (work will be stapled together with your name on it for each day). If you fail to turn it in by the X amount of days, you will be given a zero.
- Check with your teammates and the “While You Were Out Wall” before you ask me make-up work.
- Tests will NOT be in the make-up folders. You will need to get with me to make up a test. This should not be in the middle of class or while     I am giving instruction. You can email me, see me during 4th block, on break, or another appropriate time.
- If you know you will not be out ahead of time, let me know so I can get the assignment to you.

Cell Phones/Headphones:
Cell phones and headphones will be put away when you walk into my classroom. This is a NO cell phone/headphone zone. If I see your phone or headphones, I will confiscate it. You will need to pick it up from the office at the end of the day. Once we begin using calculators (chapter 4), cell phones will be put in the calculator holder by my desk. Students will get their phone back at the end of class once calculators are returned.

Class Lessons:

These lessons will be updated weekly!

We may not be in a classroom, but learning can go beyond the school walls. You can find new lessons to complete right below while we practice our social distancing! At the bottom of my website page, there are helpful links to multiple math resources.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me through email, Remind, or School Status with any questions you may have on the provided lessons. Even though we may not be in the classroom, I am here to help as much as possible!

With that, let distance learning begin!

- If your child is in 1st block, text @1gs20 to 81010, to join remind
- If your child is in 2nd block, text @2gs20 to 81010, to join remind


Activities while Distant Learning


I will be using USA Test Prep for some of the online learning.

Steps to log into USA Test Prep:

If you have an account, please follow the following steps.

1. Go to

2. Press Log in in the top right-hand corner

3. Account ID: olivebranchms

4. Log in as normal

5. Towards the middle of your screen, there will be an ORANGE "Join a Class" button. Click it. 

6. Teacher: Courtney Kahl        Class: Whichever block you are in 


If you DO NOT have an account, please follow the following steps. 

1. Go to

2. Press Log in in the top right-hand corner

3. On the left side of the screen, you will see a button that says "CREATE ACCOUNT" click that.

4. Account ID: olivebranchms (No caps)  Teacher/Student Activation Code: newton24 (no caps)

5. Make an account

6. Log in as normal

7. Towards the middle of your screen, there will be an ORANGE "Join a Class" button. Click it.

8. Teacher: Courtney Kahl    Class: Whichever block you are in

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