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Students, Welcome to Drawing 2. I will be posting new lessons every week so please check this page for assignments and any other drawing related activities. Hopefully, you will have fun practicing techniques that we learned from our Drawing 1 class! Use the skills we learned to continue to create an AWESOME portfolio of work. 

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Week 2. April 13-17


The purpose of this assignment is to draw patterns or designs onto a circle.


You can add shading and coloring to make every circle look 3D.

To begin draw at least 20 circles. Make them all different sizes. Make them overlap.

Apply different textures, patterns and designs to you circles.





*****Week 1 (Drawing Shapes and Shading)*****

  • Use a sketchbook or an old notebook to complete your drawings. Once you finish a drawing take a picture of it and send it to me through Remind or my email.

This week we will be drawing 3 dimensional shapes.

Step 1: Sketch the 3D shapes in a way that they overlap to create depth.

Step 2: Add shading to make your shapes look realistic.

Step 3: Darken and finish your lines and add any detail.

Step 4: Take a picture of your artwork and send it to me.






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