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Health, Girls Basketball


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Health, Girls Basketball

Hello to all the students of Olive Branch High School. We are a tough group of people who will/shall get through this pandemic. 
To the lady conquistadors congrats on a very exciting season that ended the way you wanted it to. To my health students who are viewing this I will be checking with you periodically to make sure we are all practicing good health habits especially in these times. 
Students will practice performing good health routines at home with their families. 7-9 hours of sleep, eating breakfast daily, drinking 4-5 cups of water and exercising. Wash hands repeatedly for 20 seconds with a followup of hand sanitizer to double attack the germs. 
The students will learn the aspects of health (physical health, mental health, social health, emotional health) while also creating a daily routine that incorporates each of these.  
Students will continue to practice the safe habits to protect them and their families from sickness/ailments.
Students should watch the news and discover safety tips that will enhance their abilities to remain healthy. 
Students should research what the term social distance means and discuss the term with their family. After learning what it means create a plan of action in which the entire family can participate. Also, research to identify the statistics for how long the current status will last if everyone cooperates with the social distance plans. 
Read a book, magazine, article of preference to increase knowledge in whatever area/field you plan to divulge in when you graduate from high school. 


Lets all develop a consistent pattern of getting 7-9 hours of sleep, eating breakfast and drinking 4-5 glasses of water. Some form of exercise which could consist of inside the home or walking around your neighborhood. 
Another valuable piece of survival information that I will share is to continuously create a routine for everyone in your home to wash hands for 20 seconds multiple times a day. Use hand sanitizer after washing your hands to provide an additional source of cleanliness. Practicing healthful hygienes will allow you/your family a safe environment while being at home. 
Find a book of your choice to read and provide brain food which is practicing good mental health. When you practice this aspect of health it allows you to stay sharp and aware of what's happening in the world. 
Call a friend and communicate with them about the things you and your family are practicing at home to stay safe/clean. Allow them to share with you what they are doing so that the two of you can practice good social health. Although these are unchartered times we are facing it will eventually pass. Our job is to first do our parts individually then start to assist/educate others. 
If you do the things listed in each of the above columns you will have practiced all the appropriate habits to keep you and your family safe. Please let's together perform each of these and find some time in the midst of this to reflect, restore, repair, and remind us of just how blessed we are when school opens back up.
An article of recommendation would be something from CNN which carries current news of our pandemic. Learn what the difference is between an epidemic and pandemic. 
What are the differences in the symptoms of common colds, flu, and coronavirus.
Are there any home remedies or treatments that you and your family can use.
What does the term quarantine mean? how does it work best.
Students will watch the video "super size me" and "what the health" after watching you are to do a compare and contrast essay to describe what are the similarities/differences in the two videos. What are your thoughts on a meat diet versus a vegan diet. What are the advantages/disadvantages for each. How can someone use the videos to create a better eating routine (habits). 

Students will read 3 articles on meat diets and vegan diets and decide which diet works best for them and their families. After reviewing the articles of choice write a future plan for eating that will incorporate your dietary model. Example: Me and my family have decided to become vegan and practice a plant-based diet. We will eat salads, broccoli, beans, fruits and etc.., for a week to experience the vegan diet. If you decide to go meat diet you do the same for it. 

Students will continue to practice social distancing, washing hands thoroughly, and sleeping for 7-9 hours daily. 
Students will write an two page essay on the difference between epidemic and pandemic The essay should consist of information about each and a conclusion at the end. 
What is life expectancy? Why has it changed over the course of the last 40-50 years? Who is responsible for maintaining your health? What are the aspects of your health? What is physical health? What are 3 things you and your family are doing to adapt to the current situation we are in? What state has been impacted the most? What are the number of cases/deaths for your state? How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected you, your family, your classmates, and your community? According to your research/info how much longer do you see this current status continuing?  
Students will continue to do their part to stop/slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus by washing hands, using hand sanitizer and staying at home until the country is reopened. 
Students will learn what the term self-esteem is by understanding the meaning then distinguishing what is the difference between high self-esteem and low self-esteem. Students will learn about dealing with anger, stress, and how to handle themselves when faced with either situation.

Look up the terms self-esteem, high self-esteem, low self-esteem and decide which one fits you best between high/low? After deciding which fits you best write a short sentence explaining why you believe so? Next you are to define the terms anger and stress? Think back over the last 2 weeks or so and share a situation that you were angry/upset. Provide details of what caused it and how did you react? What is the difference between eustress and distress. How do each impact your bodies and your daily lives? Find an article of your chosen pertaining to stress, anger, life expectancy, meat diet, vegan diet, or self-esteem and write a 2 page report that gives great details about your topic. This paper should consist of a body of information that illustrates what the topic is about. Example: Stress

Researchers say in 1965 it was discovered that many people suffered from stress because they were out of work. Other statistics report that many who returned home from the war had suffered from post traumatic stress. I think you get the picture. Always conclude with a closing paragraph that is in your own words about your thoughts/feelings concerning your essay.


Students will provide a chart that has 20 examples of each physical health, mental health, social health and emotional health. Example: riding a bike (physical) talking with friends (social) reading a book (mental health) laughing at actors on tv (emotional)
Students will provide a week long daily log that describes what you are doing daily to keep you and your family safe. Example: Monday morning me and my family all washed our hands, ate breakfast and begin our day by practicing cleanliness. Next, I called a friend to encourage/remind him/her to continue practicing those habits as well. I reminded my parents to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer to work with them. We were mask and gloves when we go to the store for groceries. Tuesday we started our day off the same while also drinking fluids that are helpful in fighting off the covid-19 virus. I think you get the point. It will be a Monday through Friday daily log you do not have to include the weekend. Good luck to you all and please stay safe.!!  
Students will define the terms fraud, quackery, advertisement, consumer, product, media, warranty, guarantee, and technology. After defining each term students will provide one example of each.
Students will write a letter for a store owner who has received a complaint about their product. In this letter the student will include ways to make this situation right. In the end write a sentence on why this is important for business owners to do.

Students will define the term goal. Students will distinguish between what is a short term goal and long term goal. Students will list 3 of each for themselves. Ex. Become a policemen, teacher, fire fighter, doctor, lawyer, own my own home, purchase a vehicle, own my own business (long term)

Ex. Make all A's this semester, clean my room, study for test, watch my favorite movie on TV, call my friends, pass to the next grade.

After compiling this information on goals you are to write an essay on one short term goal that will take you a few weeks to a month to accomplish and one long term goal that will take you at least 5 years or longer. This essay needs to include the steps you plan to take to achieve those goals.


Students will write a 1 page Role model essay on who is your role model and what that person means to you. Ex, parent, relative, friend, teacher, coach, famous person, tv star, athlete, or whomever you decide that is not on this list. 
Students will read an article, watch a tv show, movie, news and gain knowledge/insight on the most recent information concerning the Covid-19 coronavirus. After watch write a short paragraph response to what new knowledge and information you have learned. Ex, CNN news on Tuesday at 3PM said................ The Desoto times stated on Thursday that..............