Kristen Dover

Botany, Environmental Science & Physical Science


Welcome to Our Class!

I'm so excited to have you here! Let's make this a great year!


Physical science will provide you with a foundational knowledge of physics and chemistry and prepare you for the transition to further science courses. 


Environmental Science explores how elements of the environment impact living communities, including how these community's impact one another. We will also focus on human sustainability and environmental balance. 


Botany teaches us how to apply the principles learned in biology to the study of plants. Some of the topics we will learn about include physiology, taxonomy, evolution, and the interaction of human society and plants


About the Teacher


Mississippi State University: Bachelor of Science in Geoscience with a concentration in Geographic Information Systems (Graduated 2018)



 I am certified to teach 7-12th grade social studies and science.



I live in Hernando, MS with my husband. We have two dogs, Misty and Piper, and two cats, Salem and Pheonix, that you will most likely hear about quite a lot since they are my fur babies. In my free time, you will find me at the dog park, hiking a nature trail, making art, or in the local greenhouses trying to find one of the plants on my wishlist. 

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