Laura Mayo
English Inclusion
Danielle Marrone

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns. We are working to set up meetings via technology. I will be in contact with you through school status and emails. Thank you and be well.

If you are in my 3rd block lab, please go to and create a Student account with your email address. Your class name is OBPRIDE and the code is ujgui. There, you may find your assignments. Please choose three assignments per week to complete online. I look forward to seeing your submissions!

1st block- Savage and Wells ELA

2nd block- Tally and Clark ELA

Please go to your teachers websites for classroom instructions.  I will be available via SchoolStatus and/or email for any assistance that you need.  I am working on solutions to get you as much help with your assignments as possible.  So make sure you check this page often for updates. The current assignment for Common Lit has a read aloud feature that all can use if you prefer to listen as you read.

To sign up for Common Lit, if you do not already have an account,  please click on the following.


About the Teacher
Special education teacher, 9-12, Language Arts inclusion.
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