Master Sergeant Alvin Thompson
Marine Instructor - MCJROTC
Master Sergeant Alvin Thompson

LE1 & LE3 dated April 1st - April 8th


While OBHS is closed I will provide classes not later than March 25 on my website to assist in keeping the learning process going.  Classes will be listed by LE Level and cadets are encourage to view them as appropriate.  As well, Physical Training Cards will be posted to assist cadets in performing various sessions at their homes and their surrounding neighborhoods.  


The Physical Training cards are provided for a Mon, Wed & Fri workout.  These can be done at anytime during the day, but will probably be best first thing in the morning to get your energy levels going.  Ensure you continue to eat a healthy breakfast and take care of yourself during the absence from school.  We look forward to seeing you back when all is back to normal. 


As information is received, this site will be updated.  


Physical Training (A)                                       Physical Training (B)                     Physical Training (C)

PUSH-UPS x 10                                                        PUSH-UPS x 10                                      PUSH-UPS x 10

SIT-UPS x 50                                                            SIT-UPS x 50                                          SIT-UPS x 50

ARM ROTATIONS x 10                                           TRUNK TWISTS x 10                            BENDS & THRUSTS x 10

AIR SQUATS x 10                                                    PLANKS x 1 min                                     PLANKS x 2 min                                                                                                         

STEAM ENGINES x 10                                           8 COUNT BODY BUILDER x 5             8 COUNT BODY BUILDER x 10

ALTERNATING TOE TOUCHES x 10                   SIDE STRADDLE HOPS x 25               SIDE STRADDLE HOPS x 50

SIDE STRADDLE HOPS x 25                                 TRICEP STRETCH x 10                        ALTERNATING TOE TOUCHES x 10


Along with these easy to do exercises that can be done inside the home, it is also recommended for the cadets to take a run around their block if feasible.  A half mile or even a one mile run can keep them in shape for the return to school and be ready to hit the ground running.  

If you have questions, please contact me via email. 


Master Sergeant Alvin Thompson


Enlisted into the Marine Corps in 1990 and reported to MCRD Parris Island, SC for recruit Training.  I was trained as an Aviation Ordnancemen at NAS Millington, TN.  I served in many different locations around the country; NC, AZ, SC & CA to include 8 years in Japan.  I have spent time on US Aircraft Carriers, the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Chester Nimitz and traveled to 15 different foreign nations during those tours.  I am married to Michelle Thompson of Newport, NC and we have 4 children (Kyle, Ryan, Joshua & Olivia).  I retired from the Marine Corps in 2015 from MCB Camp Pendleton, CA.  I proudly serve as the Marine Instructor for the OBHS MCJROTC Program. 



years classroom experience as a MCJROTC Instructor 

25 years as a United States Marine 

Served as a Drill Instructor from 2003-2006 

Lead Instructor at a Corporals Course in 2010-2011 

I have instructed at various levels both formally and informally 



Graduate of University of Phoenix 

Bachelor of Science in Communications (2018-2019) 

Associate of Arts in Information Technology (2016-2018) 

Please contact me via email if you have questions about your cadet in the MCJROTC Program.  You may also contact me if your student has an interest in joining our program. 

Class Schedule   

MCJROTC Weekly Class Schedule! 


Monday - Academic Classes and Drill 

Tuesday - Academic Classes and Drill 

Wednesday - Quiz & Physical Training (PT) 

Thursday - Uniform Inspection & Drill/Admin 

Friday - Physical Training