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English II, Compensatory Reading

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"If you object to your child reading either of these texts, please complete the survey below and alternate assignments and reading will be provided."
Michael Clark

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Class Schedule  

Semester English II -- First Block
Comp Reading II .   -- Second Block
Planning .                 -- Third Block
Office Hours from 12:30-1:00
Semester English II -- Fourth Block

Supplies for Class


Items 1-5 on the list are absolutely necessary for success in class. 6-8 will help out a lot. 9 and 10 are for select groups. All of these supplies could be obtained from your local Walmart or Dollar Tree.

  1. A three-ring binder, 1.5″ (1" is probably fine; you can share with another class if you have a 3")
  2. 5 binder dividers (Will discuss in class)
  3. At least one package of loose leaf paper, college ruled (Trust me, you'll need it.) :)
  4. Pencils and erasers (and plenty of them)
  5. A composition notebook --- This is an absolute necessity!
  6. A pencil pouch, obviously for your pencils and erasers (This is probably more about personal preference than an actual requirement. I just know that teenagers have this nasty tendency to lose stuff.)
  7. A glue stick for the interactive notebook --- I have some, but this would be a great help. And, hey, if you want to donate (wink, wink) that would also be much appreciated!
  8. Colored pens (for revisions and editing)
  9. Girls:
    Facial tissues
    Disinfecting wipes (If you can find them)
  10. Boys:
    Sanitizer (If you can find them)
    Paper towels

Composition Notebooks

This notebook will be divided into two main sections. (1) Is the academic side of things; this is where you place your handouts, vocabulary, grammar rules, etc. (2) Is the writing section. Yes, the entirety of the second half of your notebook is devoted completely to writing. What does that show you? ;)


    You should have five tabs for this. You can have a single dedicated binder for English 10, or you can share one. Keep in mind that if you decide to share space, your binder might explode. Just saying. Label your tabs as follows, in this order:

    • MAAP/Case Prep
    • RLC’s
    • Readings
    • Writing Samples
    • Paper

    Welcome to A8

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    About the Teacher

    Subjects Taught
    Compensatory Reading II, English II

    I attended Eastern Illinois University - yes, I am a yankee - for my Bachelor's program in Social Science Education with an endorsement in English. Recently, I graduated with my Master's degree in LIteracy Education from the University of MIssouri - Columbia.

    I am so exceited to be a part of OBHS! This is my first year as a Conquistador, but I am ready for OB. I am currently in my ninth year of teaching. Five of those years were amazing times at Southaven High School, and my previous three years were spent learning who I am as an educator through Youth Villages in Memphis, TN.
    I obtained my Bachelor's degree from Eastern Illinois University, and in 2016 I botain my Master's degree from the University of Missouri- Columbia in LIteracy Education. 

    Writing Models Teacher-student led writing samples