Michele Drummond

11th Grade English, 12th Grade English, PSAT, MS Writers

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Class Overview


This class is a continuation of the skills learned in the PSAT I Spring Semester. We have only nine weeks before the PSAT Exam is given; it is CRUCIAL that all students give 100% effort every day in order to reach his or her full potential.

English III

In this class, we will be focusing primarily on American literature and writing. Our lessons are strategically designed by unit plans to cover American beginnings up until the 20th Century. We will be reading The Crucible, The Great Gatsby, and Where the Crawdads Sing as extended texts. We will also be preparing for the ACT with bellwork and practice tests. 

Mississippi Writers

In this class, we will be reading and learning of the most influential writers who hail from Mississippi: Eudora Welty, Larry Brown, Ann Moody, John Grisham, Kathryn Stockett, Richard Wright, Jesmyn Ward, Willie Morris, Mildred Taylor, and William Faulkner.

English IV

In this class, we will be focusing primarily on British literature and research writing. You will be required to write a research paper. We will be reading British authors such as William Shakespeare, Chaucer, Mary Shelley, Roahl Dahl, Ruth Ware, and other writers.

You may access any missed assignments on Schoology. 

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