Counseling Services


The main responsibility of guidance services is first to aid young people in becoming familiar with the opportunities available to them; second, to help the students understand the significance of test data and other information about themselves; and third, to provide a continuous program of individual counseling and group guidance which will lead young people to discover and recognize the opportunities best suited to their personalities and abilities.  Olive Branch High School counselors are committed to the individual growth and development of each student and toward that end will work diligently with parents and students to gain the greatest good from the school experience.

General Information

Contact Information

Guidance Office Phone: 662-892-6106 or 662-893-3344 ext. 106

Regular Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Your Counselors

A-G last names

Ms. Hutchens

Email Mrs. Hutchens

H-O last names

Mrs. Chunn

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P-Z last names - Mrs. Simmons

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Your Guidance Office Staff

MSIS - Mrs. Carpenter

Cohort - Mrs. Betts

Testing Coordinator - Mrs. Rhymer 662-893-3344 ext. 328