Ross Rodgers



Courses Taught:

English I, Creative Writing

Ross Rodgers


Welcome to my class! Throughout the semester, we'll be learning from a variety of short stories, both fiction and non-fiction, about everything scary. That's right, the focus of the first 9 weeks will be based in horror and Gothic stories to explore how writers build tension, suspense, mood, and tone throughout their writings. You'll also learn about Noel Carroll's famous classification of monsters in the horror genre and read some excerpts from the master of horror himself, Stephen King. Then, we'll move into a unit on censorship through the book Animal Farm and the short story "Harrison Bergeron." I look forward to meeting everyone and hope you enjoy the class as much as I've enjoyed building it!

About the Teacher

Education and Experience: Bachelors Degree from Mississippi State in English Education. Masters Degree from Mississippi State University in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing (in progress). 2 years of experience in post-secondary teaching. 

Personal Info: Olive Branch graduate, has two brothers, one who graduated in 2011 and is now a doctor and the other who is a senior. Published in the Dime Show Review.

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