Administrative Team

Dana Kendrick, Assistant Principal
Sid McNeil, Assistant Principal

Counseling Team


Teaching Team


Fitzgerald, Dennis - Band Director
Frye, William - General  Music, Music Theory, Band
Hall, Terrell - Choir Director
Reymundo, Ashley - Painting I & II, Photography
Rombaugh, Eric - Drawing I & II, Boys' BB, Athletic Director
Underwood, Chrissy - Ceramics, Painting I, II, & III, Visual Art I, Department Chair


Boone, Colin - Personal Finance, Business Law, Football
Brinkley, Morgan - Nutrition & Wellness
Fulp, Donna - Family Dynamics, Child Development, Contemporary Health
Gresham, Jerry (Chip) - High School Career Coach
Heinze, Cyndy - STEM,, Edgenuity
Russell, Alecia - College & Career Readiness, Quistor Voices
Sullivan, Vicki - Fundamentals of Business, Marketing, Management, Finance, (BMF Career Tech), Webmaster, Business/Vocational Department Chair, DECA, Esports, Prom, Senior Sponsor

English Language Arts

Ashley, Rhea - English I, Acc. English I, Compensatory Reading, Interact
Berkowitz, Christina - English III
Drummond, Michele - English III, Mississippi Studies, Humanities, Government (9th)
Garrigan-Burhart, Amanda - SREB English IIII, English IIII, Senior Class Sponsor
Groves, Kaylie - Inclusion English I, Comprehensive Reading I, ACT Prep, Volleyball
Hicks, Christine - 11th & 12th AP Language and Composition, PSAT I, PSAT II, Mississippi Writers, ACT/SAT Prep I
Milton, Megan - English I, Comprehensive Reading I
Savage, Katherine - Comprehensive Reading II, English II
Shackelford, Mandy - English IV, Dual Enrollment Comp 1, Dual Enrollment Comp 2, Print Journalism\Yearbook
Stevens, Kara - Gifted English I & II, ACT/SAT Prep I, PSAT I & II
Talley, Meredith - Accelerated English II, English II, Comprehensive Reading II, English Department Chair
Walker, Carson - Comprehensive Reading II, English II

ELL/Foreign Language

Giacone, Jennifer - Spanish I & II, Foreign Language Department Chair
Halbert, Keaton - Spanish I & II, Boys' Soccer
Halbert, Sarah - ESL Teacher, Tennis (Assistant)
Prince, Russell - Spanish I & II, Girls Soccer


Boyero, RobertMCJROTC
Jeffries, Carius - Physical Education, Basketball
Meredith, Timothy - Drug/Safety Ed, Volleyball
Russell, Jason - Head Football Coach, PE
Thompson, Jason - Health, Girls Basketball


Bryant, Kaitlyn - Accelerate Algebra I, Algebra II, Dual Credit College Algebra & Trigonometry
Burse, Patty - Accelerate Algebra II, Algebra I, Cheer
Cook, Carol - Algebra I, Foundations of Algebra
Denfip, Amber - Comprehensive Math, Foundations to Algebra, Softball
Kahl, Courtney - Accelerated Geometry, Geometry, ACT Prep, ACT Math, Cheer
Lipsey, Allysa - SREB Algebra I, Algebra I, Algebra II
Tyler, Denise - Foundations of Algebra, Algebra I, Dance Team
Ward, Serenity - Foundations of Algebra, Geometry, Algebra I
Webb, Lisa - ACT/SAT Prep I, PSAT I & II, Algebra III, Math Chair
Weeks, Cathie - Geometry, Algebra II
Woods, Dianna - Algebra II, Essentials/SREB Math IIII


Chapman, Glen - Accelerated Chemistry, Accelerated Physical Science, Physical Science, Physics
Goodwin, Amanda - Genetics, Foundations of Biology, Diamond Girls
Lee, Amanda - Zoology, Marine & Aquatic Sciences, ACT/SAT Prep I, Biomedical Research, Dual Credit Biology, Genetics
Matthews, Kerry - Biology
Porter, Ryan - Environmental Science, Baseball
Usery, Carmen - Human A & P, Biology, Science Department Chair

Social Studies

Boyd, Leemarcus - Government (9th), Baseball
Craddock, Timothy - US History, Department Chair
Frazier, Adam - Economics (9th), Football
Jones, Owen (Jay) - Economics (12th), Football
Kahl, Charlie - US History, AP World History, Economics (9th)
Lambert, Connie - US History, US Government
Parnell, Brandy - Sociology, Psychology, Law
Riley, Justin - Economics
Russell, Roger - World History
Terry, Pam - College and Career Readiness

Special Education Team

Barkley, Amy - English Inclusion, MET Chair
Carpenter, Stefanie - English & Science Inclusion
Carpenter, Stephen - Math Inclusion
Hansbrough, Angela - Math& Science Inclusion
Helm, Demarcus - English & Science Inclusion, Football
Houska, Rachel - English, Math & Science Inclusion
Jones, Rosemary - Special Education, CBC
Taylor, Jennifer - English Inclusion
Varner, Sheila - English & Math Inclusion
Watkins, Paige - Social Studies Inclusion, Theater
Webb, David - Math Inclusion
Yanowsky, Jake - Math & Science Inclusion, Football

Support Team


ADA Clerk
School Nurse
MSIS Clerk

Other Support Areas

Classroom Tech Coach
Computer Technician
Cafeteria Manager
Speech Pathologist
Dyslexia Therapist
School Testing Coordinator
Intervention Support Teacher