Veteran's Day Program
Good Friday Holiday (All)
Southern Invitational Choral Conference
Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday
After School Choir Rehearsals for Cantabile will begin on Wednesdays
187 Day Employees Return
CHHS Graduation @ 7 pm
182 Day Employees Return
Pay Day
DCS Choir Joint Concert
Mississippi ACDA Conference Performance -Cantabile
Bluff City Choral Festival
After-SChool Rehearsal Advanced Choirs
Students' First Day
Ole Miss Choral Festival
End of First Semester
All-State Honor Choir
Solo and Desert- Choir Event
Spring Break Holiday (All)
Christmas Concert
Interact Kickoff Metting
12 Month Employees Off
DCHS Graduation @ 7 pm
HHS Graduation - 3 pm
Staff Development Day (Student Holiday)
Staff Development Days (Teachers Return)
SHS Graduation @ 7 pm
Delta State University Honor Choir Auditions
12 Month Employees Off
After School Rehearsal Advanced Choirs
Delta State University Honor Choir
President's Day Holiday (All)
Teachers' First Day
Independence Day Holiday (All)
LHS Graduation @ 7 pm
Labor Day Holiday (All)
Choir Concert
New Teacher Orientation @ HLHS
HLHS Graduation @ 7 pm
OBHS Graduation @ 10 am
210 Day Employees Return
Students' Last Day
Talent Show
Fall Retreat
After School Rehearsal Advanced Choirs
Fall Break (All)
Christmas Holidays (All)
Choir Luau
Teachers' Last Day
LCHS Graduation @ 3 pm
Joint Concert with NWCC and Lafayette High School
Students Return
Choir Retreat-After School
Pre-Festival Concert/Solo and Desert
Thanksgiving Holidays (All)
Spring Concert
Fall Concert
200 & 205 Day Employees Return
190 Day Employees Return
Easter Holiday (All)
12 Month Employees Off