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Dual Credit US History
Week of 4/1 - 4/8:

Discuss: 1. What is the most surprising fact to you? Why? 2. Which, if any, hindered Churchill's success as a leader? Explain. 3. Was Churchill a more effective leader, lucky, or a combination of both? Explain. 

About the Teacher

High School: Graduated in 2007 from Chaffee Jr. / Sr. High School in Chaffee, MO. I graduated 7 / 57 students (yes, only 57).  
B.A. in Secondary Education: Westminster College (MO), 2011
M.S. in Education-Curriculum & Instruction: Arkansas State University, 2014
Ed.S. in Supervision & Instruction: University of the Cumberlands, 2017
Ed.D. in Educational Leadership: University of the Cumberlands, expected graduation: summer 2020
M.A. in HIstory: University of North Alabama, expected graduation: 2021

Prior to coming to DeSoto County last year, I spent five years teaching and coaching in Missouri.  I spent my first three years teaching PE, health, and weight training classes at Holcomb Jr./Sr. High School.  I was the head volleyball coach, head jr. high baseball coach, and assistant varsity baseball coach. 
My last two years in Missouri were spent at Portageville High School where I taught World History and Geography.  In addition to teaching, I was the asst. middle school football coach and Head Varsity baseball coach. 
My last three years were spent at Olive Branch Middle where I served as a history instructor and assistant football coach.  My first year at OBH has been a great experience.  

I have a huge passion for education and sports which makes teaching and coaching a perfect profession for me.  At Westminster, I majored in Physical Education with minors in Exercise Science, Coaching, and Personal Training--all while playing on the varsity football and baseball teams.


In this video, it portrays the discovery of the Ice Man, preservation of the body & artifacts, and the analysis of the Ice Man.

Judaism 101

This video explains the story of Judaism and how it relates to history.

Mesopotamia Song

This rap by Mr. Keith Hughes (Soulja Boi tune) covers Mesopotamia, Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, cuneiform, and Hammurabi's Code

History of the Sahara Desert

Man Climbs Great Pyramid

Pyramid Construction: Watershaft Theory

Pyramid Construction: Math Behind It All

Hinduism 101

Buddhism 101
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