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Senior English
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The final date to turn in work packets will be Thursday,  May 7.  Turn in packets inside the front door of the school, in the box next to the file cabinet.

Textbook return dates will be as follows for all grades:

Tuesday, May 5th, from 12pm-3pm

Thursday, May 7th, from 4pm-7pm (evening return)

Tuesday, May 12th, from 12pm-3pm

Thursday, May 14th, from 12pm-3pm

Mrs. Curran and one administrator will be stationed at the front drive set up to scan books in. After books are scanned in, AP and Mrs. Curran will inform students whether or not they have any other outstanding books or if they are all clear in Destiny. Students will then place books on flatbed cart

Reminder:  As of April 6, all assignments will be graded and will count toward your Term 4 average.  I will continue to be flexible with due dates. 

At some point, we will give you a plan for returning your textbooks to the library.  In the meantime, make sure you know where yours is, so you are ready when the time comes.

If you have not ordered your cap and gown, please do so as soon as possible.  The website is

English 12 - Overview

Welcome to English 12!

Senior English is designed to improve students' skillset in reading comprehension and writing.  It builds upon the skills learned in the previous 12 years.  Our content focuses on British Literature.  The goal is to better prepare seniors for the challenges of the college classroom.

About Me

I have been teaching English at OBHS since 2003. I have taught English 12 since 2005.  I earned my BA in Literature from Rhodes College, and a Master of Arts in Teaching English from Christian Brothers University, and finished and EdS in Curriculum and Instruction through Arkansas State University in August, 2018.

English 12 Resources

Purdue Online Writing Lab
The Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides extensive information to guide you in writing research papers.  There is information on both MLA and APA formats.

Assignments: Monday, April 27
  • I'm posting two documents for this week.
  • The first is another set of sonnets (NOT by William Shakespeare!).  Much like last week, I've annotated them for you.  Please feel free to message me if you have questions about the poems!
  • The second document is a writing prompt.
Assignments: Monday, April 20
  • I'm posting two documents for this week.
  • The first document is a set of sonnets by William Shakespeare.  If we were in class, we would work together to annotate these and get to the heart of what the poems mean.  Unfortunately, we can't do that.  I've added notes and annotations to help you.  Read them.  They will really help you understand the poem's meaning.  If you want to see them in the textbook, they start on p. 273.  
  • The sonnets have several short answer questions.  You can respond in the Word document and send that to me, or you can send it in an email.
  • The second document is a writing prompt.
  • Note the change to the website - I moved the Documents for each week so that they are under the notes for that week.  I hope that makes it a little easier to find what you need.
  • You know how to reach me with questions.
Assignments: Monday, April 13
  • It's technically another 4 day week.  If you are still working on last week's assignments, that's fine.  Get them turned in as soon as you can.
  • The assignments are linked at the bottom of this column.  
  • Remember, graduation supplies all be distributed Wednesday, April 15 (See announcement at top of this page). You have to pay your balance in full in order to pick everything up.  
  • If you have not ordered your cap and gown, you should go ahead and take care of that.  Message me if you have questions!
Assignments: Monday, April 6
  • I've posted 4 assignments this week.  There are 3 poems with questions, and 1 non-fiction article with questions.
  • I will add a Word document with the questions typed out.  You can download the document and type your answers directly on it, then just email that back to me.  Or, copy the questions into an email to send me.
  • Remember - this is the beginning of Term 4.  These assignments will be graded.
  • Since it is 4 reading assignments, I won't give you a separate writing prompt (like I did last week).

ADDED NOTE:  I've added a Word document for your responses.  You can easily type in your Discussion Question answers.  For the Multiple Choice, you can delete the incorrect answer choices to leave just the option you select.  Or, you can make the correct answer bold, or type the letter out to the side.  Whatever works best for you.

SECOND ADDED NOTE:  Friday and Monday are technically school holidays.  If you need extra time, I'm ok with that.  There will be no penalty for taking a little longer on this assignment.  Also, next week's work is shorter, so you can balance it out a little if you need to.  

As always, you know how to reach me if you have questions or need assistance in any way.

Assignments: Monday, March 30
  • I've posted three assignments this week, since we are starting on Monday.  They are at the bottom of this column in the section titled "Documents - March 30."  
  • Assignment #1 is a short story.  Read the story, define the vocabulary words, and answer the Critical Reading questions.
  • Like last week, the story is in the Word document, or you can find it in your textbook on p. 1235.
  • Assignments #2 and #3 are writing prompts.  Your response is confidential, and should be no longer than 1 full page.  
  • As before, you can download the Word documents and respond there, then email me back the completed document.  Or, you can simply open a new email and write your responses there.  
  • Let me know if you have any questions or need any help.  I'm accessible by email and Remind during school hours.  After that, use Remind.  I will respond pretty quickly if you get to me before 9pm.  If you message after 9pm, it might be the next morning before you hear back from me.
  • I'm leaving up the previous assignments in case anyone needs them.
Assignments: Wednesday, March 25
  • I've posted two assignments, each as a separate document below.  (It's under the "Documents" heading.  
  • The first is a short story.  You can download the Word document here, or you can find it in your textbook on p. 1296.  There are questions that follow.  You can copy and paste directly from the document into an email or a separate document.  
  • The second assignment is an Article of the Week with a written response after.  Again, you can copy the prompt to an email or a new Word document.
  • Starting today, I will send you a Remind message with 1 vocabulary word each day.  These ARE NOT new words.  They are review words, you've already covered them before.  
  • By the end of today, I will send each class a link so you can join a Zoom meeting of the class.  THIS IS NOT REQUIRED.  I understand many of you might be working or keeping younger siblings.  If you cannot join in, do not worry.  This is just to keep us connected and to give you a chance to ask me any questions you might have, kind of face-to-face.