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AP World History, Psychology, Sociology, Personal Leadership
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Mrs. P's Particulars

**White Station High School, Diploma
**University of MS, BA in Elementary Education
ndorsements: English 7-12, Social Studies7-12, General Science 7-12, Elementary Ed K-6, AP World History

Teacher at Olive Branch High School
Subjects Taught: English II, Psychology, AP Psychology, Sociology, Creative Writing, Personal Leadership, ACT English Grammar, Drama, Intro to World Geography, US History, and Global Studies

Various titles and responsibilities within the medical community at BMH Central, BMH Memphis, OrthoMemphis, and Methodist Germantown

Assistant Softball Coach 2017-19
Congressional Debate Coach 2012-14
YMCA Youth in Government Sponsor 2012-14
ACT and SAT Test Administrator/Room Supervisor 2011-present
OBHS Teacher of the Month January 2012

Born and raised in Memphis, I became a DeSoto County resident in 1998. My husband of 25 years is a DeSoto County deputy sheriff. We have four children, two of whom are OBHS graduates. Our youngest two are current OBHS students.

gardening, reading, crafting

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Personal Leadership



This box is under construction! =) * I will be sorting through these resources for placement elsewhere. Please utilize them as they support a variety of subjects and learning strategies.


Sociology 10th Edition

Online resources, interactive quizzes, games, flashcards, powerpoints, etc.

The Sociology Page

American Sociological Association


SOC 1 Perspective Theory Terms and Individuals

SOC 1 Sociological Perspective Terms

SOC 1 Perspectives: Review and Extending

SOC 1 Perspectives Practice Cloze

SOC 1 Sociological Perspectives Test Review

SOC 1 Scenario Perspective Analysis (practice)

SOC 1 Sociological Perspectives Prezi

SOC 1 Concept Definition/Explanation Paragraphs

SOC 1 Social Sciences Venn Diagram

SOC 2 Culture Group Work Vocab

SOC 2 Norms Notes

SOC 2 Culture & Norms Exit Activity

SOC 2 Symbols, Universals, and Cultural Variation

SOC 2 Cultural Comparison Exercise

SOC 2 Culture Analysis Project

SOC 2 Culture Analysis Project Rubric

SOC 2 Culture Analysis Project Example-Greece

SOC 2 Culture Project Focus Exercise w/Answers

Watch Know Learn Sociology


Valley High L.Korpics

Purpose Games for Sociology

Khan Academy Spanish Speaking Website

Understood for learning and attention issues

AP Psychology
The Eye and Vision

Helpful AP Links to Learning

AP Central

Watch Know Learn Psychology

Psychology Webquest

How Google is Reshaping Your Brain

Big Think Psychology Topics

Psychology Classroom at ALLPSYCH

Encyclopedia of Psychology

Classics in the History of Psychology

Psych Web by Russ Dewey

George Boeree's Homepage

Psychology History Archives

Association for Psychological Science

Outline Notes for the Myers Text

Copies of these will NOT be accepted as your personal outline notes from Ciccarelli text.

Quizlet for Psychology

Quizlet for AP Psychology

Ms Nelsen's Blog Psych Links

A host of resources for chapter topics.

Ciccarelli Text MyPsychLab Link

AP PSY Exam Practice

AP PSY M/C Test Practice

AP PSY Implicit Association Tests

AP GOV Exam Review on CSPAN

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Previous years' review may be found on this site, also.

All About Psychology

PSY Links and Resources Logsdon

Mr. Donner's Jeopardy

YouTube Psychology

Myers in Modules 8th Edition Website

PSYCH Sim Interactive

Interactive and lecture activity for psychology roots and early founders.

10 Most Unethical Psych Experiments


Psychology Annenberg Learner Teaching Resource

videos and topic exploration

Clips for Class

psych topics and videos

Valley High L.Korpics

Purpose Games for Psychology

Socrative Student Login



Crash Course Psych
Intro to Psychology

Research in Psychology

The Chemical Mind Nervous and Endocrine Systems

Nervous System A&P

The Nervous System A&P

Nervous System A&Pj Synapsis

Peripheral Nervous System A&P

Autonomic Nervous System A&P

Parasympathetic A&P

Get to Know Your Brain Structures and Functions

Homonculus Sensation

Perceiving is Believing


Sleep and Dreams

Altered States of Consciousness

How to Train Your Brain the Pavlov Way

The Bobo Doll and Observational Learning

How We Make Memories

Remembering and Forgetting


start on slide 18 for the 9 wk class; not all concepts will be discussed

Language Acquisition

Growth of Knowledge Primary Years Cognitive Development

Monkeys and Morality Social and Moral Dev


Controversy of Intelligence